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Chrome Liner Silver Round Bag SR2313

Chrome Liner Silver Round Bag SR2313

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Yarnlipao bag has a dignified atmosphere that goes well with both Western and Japanese clothing.

【Description of item】
This Yarn Lipao bag has an ivory body and silver handle that gives it a dignified feel. The main body is woven using yanlipao leaves and palm leaves. If it continues to rain in Thailand, it will be difficult to obtain this white material, so it is the most feared material in the future. This is a very valuable item that is beautiful and has no uneven color.

It is made from woven yanlipao leaves and palm leaves.
A lightweight bag with a beautiful fine openwork pattern.

Height: 10.5cm (height from the highest part of the lid to the bottom part)
Lid length: 21cm
Width on lid side: 11cm

[Product type]

Body: Soft type

Handle: Silver type

[Precautions for use]
・Do not expose to direct sunlight or rain for a long time. If it gets wet, wipe it thoroughly with a towel.
- If dust adheres to it, wipe it gently with a dry, clean cloth.
・Do not place anything on top of the bag. This may cause deformation.

★All of our products are handmade by craftsmen. As a result, slight distortions, wrinkles on the lining, and stains on the varnish may occur.

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